Weigh Boxes & Cattle Trap Gate

The scanning weigh box has been designed
specifically for electronic identification systems.
The timber & ply panel on the working side is fixed
& is a necessary feature to eliminate interference with
the electronic identification antenna.

The non working side is a 3/4 steel sheeted drafting gate.
Complete with fully sheeted steel slide doors both front & back.

Compatible with all identification systems.

Scanning Weigh Box

Standard Features:
- Fully sheeted sliding  door front & rear
- 3/4 drafting gates both sides
- Checker plate floor with anti-slip bars
- Weigh bar mounting plates

Standard Weigh Box



Cattle Trap Gate

Portable Cattle Trap Gates are the cheapest form of mustering feral livestock available today.

Installed into an existing fence line by using Leicht's CIA Relocatable Yard Panels, you will soon trap those hard to get

Spears can be changed from side to side for settings:

Training - 300mm

Catching - 100mm